ABM Children and Youth Publishing House

ABM Publishing, founded within Acar Group, started its publishing life in 2011. 

ABM Publishing continues its activities in the categories of literature, history, art, research, academic, economics, children and young adult. abm Children and Youth Publishing House founded within abm Publishing, aims to publish outstanding books in children and youth categories of foreign and Turkish authors. 

Our publishing house, which prioritizes the development of children’s imagination, aims to bring together creative, universal, ethical, independent and impartial publications for children and young people. 

Since the day we were founded, by saying “A new you, in every book!” we have been publishing books for children and young readers of which they can love and have fun while reading.

Keep following us on this journey!


2019 - 2020

Foreign Rights 



In case of any required information, please e-mail to [email protected]


Rights List


ILove Yoga

Rights Sold: 

Lebanon (Arabic worldwide)

Ukraine (Ukranian worldwide)

Estonia (Estonian worldwide)


The Most Beautiful Country In The World


Rights Sold: 

Lebanon (Arabic worldwide)




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